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Oxinium knee replacement

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2009-02-21 17:25:33

Oxinium knee replacement[/color][/url]
http://www.kneeindia.comThe phenomenon of ‘wear’ is of great concern to orthopaedic surgeons carrying out knee and hip replacements. Whenever two surfaces move or rub relative to one another there is always a problem with the production of wear particles especially when one of the bearing surfaces is softer like for example, polyethylene, in the knee.

Most current femoral components in total knee replacements are made of cobalt chrome. Excellent results are currently being achieved with this material. However these implants can roughen over time when placed in the body. In the knee when the femoral component rubs over the plastic (polyethylene) insert, the plastic surface can start to wear out or break up. The rougher the femoral surface the worse the amount of wear. These plastic wear particles or ‘debris’ can be responsible for the failure of the whole knee replacement not only due to the thinning of the plastic insert itself but also due to the body’s reaction to the microscopic particles which can cause loosening and thinning of bone at the implant interface.

Dr Venkatachalam is one of a few surgeons in india currently using a revolutionary new material called oxidised zirconium also known as oxinium. Oxinium is produced as a result of a chemical process that allows oxygen to absorb into zirconium metal thereby changing only its surface from metal to ceramic. This new material may be considered for young patients (under 65 years of age) undergoing total knee replacement.Compared to cobalt chrome, oxinium has

Superior hardness
Superior smoothness
Increased resistance to scratching or abrasions
No detectable nickel content (the leading cause of adverse reactions in patients with a metal allergy) , Oxinium has been designed to be long lasting and as it offers reduced friction within the knee, it can significantly increase the longevity of the prosthesis and decrease wear rates. The oxinium material has also been rigorously tested to meet regulatory guidelines and has passed strict quality control measures prior to its clinical introduction.[url][/url][url][/url]


Oxinium knee


Oxinium knee replacement

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2010-05-14 09:29:38

Gerald Dempsey from Newfoundland Canada skipped the waiting list in his country to get a better option of an Oxinium knee replacement in India.

You can see his story here-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k_8aXsvEwuk&feature=related

You can contact Gerald at this e mail id- gjdemps@hotmail.com


Oxinium knee replacement

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2010-06-04 21:29:17

Nancy from Mexico had bilateral Journey Oxinium knee replacements. At 3 months she has got 130 degrees of flexion or bending in both knees. Here is the latest update from her. 


Hi Dr.
I am at about 3 1/2 months.  I bought an electric stimulator and a range of motion guage.   My range of motion is about 128 and 130 if I push hard.  I was going 3 times a week to therapy but friday was my last day so I will try to work on my own.  I no longer require Trmadol but still at times my nights are restless.  My left knee seems to be healing better than the right.  My right knee swells easily and the muscles knot.  I am not real sure if I am doing the Electric Stimulus correctly as there is no one here that can instruct me.  I use it about one hour each day. 
 As far as how I am doing.  Well I am much stronger and with more flexion I can do lots more.  I do still get sore after standing for say 10 min. but walking does not bother me nor riding my bike.  I have not been diving as the water here is still to cold and I would have to wear a heavy wetsuit and heavy weights which I know I am not ready for.  I did go out dancing salsa but only danced half of a song as I think I was nervous of the pain I may get if I push it too much.  I am over anxious to get back to my normal life and I am hoping by 5 months I will be able to.



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