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Knee replacements >> Knee Replacement Surgery Discussion >> Victory for Democrats- what does it mean for US citizens?

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Victory for Democrats- what does it mean for US citizens?

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2009-02-21 17:06:11

President elect Obama has come to power in the US. What has he promised in terms of health care?
He has promised to reshape health insurance to make it affordable for more people. More people will be able to buy insurance cover. One in 3 Americans lack insurance. Costs of Medical treatment are however quite high and will go up further. Many insurance companies feel that outsourcing health care for one tenth the cost of medical treatment in the US will be beneficial. Cost of a knee replacement is 45 thousand USD as compared to 8000 USD in India. A hip resurfacing costs 60, 000 USD versus 9000 USD in India. An arthroscopic ACL reconstruction costs only 4000 US dollars in India including Physiotherapy.
Unlike Tech jobs, medical treatment is provided by UK & US trained surgeons. Hospitals in India provide equal or better health care at much cheaper costs. There fore the American patient is bound to be happy with the standard of care. They get huge savings, and with this money they can afford an exotic holiday in India.
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