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Robot surgery more accurate

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2009-02-21 17:00:05

Robot surgery more accurate

A new study from Imperial College London shows that robot-assisted knee surgery is significantly more accurate than conventional surgery.

The team of surgeons tested whether Acrobot, a robotic assistant, could improve surgical outcomes for patients undergoing partial knee replacement. Acrobot works by helping the surgeon to line up the replacement knee parts with the existing bones.

The surgeons looked at 27 patients undergoing unicompartmental knee replacement. The patients were separated into two groups as part of a randomised controlled trial, with 14 having conventional surgery, and the remaining 13 having robot assisted surgery.

Although the operations took a few minutes longer using the robotic assistant, the replacement knee parts were more accurately lined up than in conventional surgery. All of the robotically assisted operations lined up the bones to within two degrees of the planned position, but only 40 per cent of the conventionally performed cases achieved this level of accuracy.


Robot surgery more accurate

ChrisDipirro Online Now | Location: | Joined On:
2009-06-14 16:48:52

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Robot surgery more accurate

ChrisDipirro Online Now | Location: | Joined On:
2009-06-16 11:39:57

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